Julian Lennon Can Imagine How To Help Ukraine

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What is a more perfect illustration of how the old world and the new world are colliding than this: Ukraine is invaded by its neighbor Russia who came over with tanks, missiles and rifle bearing soldiers intending to take possession of their country by overwhelming physical force. The rest of the world, collaborating over satellite enable communication applications and sophisticated computer software created a series of punishing sanctions isolating the invader. Then, to raise money in support of the Ukrainian resistance, Julian Lennon went into the deep archive for his father’s classic song Imagine, rerecorded it, repurposed it and is putting it out in to the ether as an NFT the proceeds of which will go to Ukrainian relief.

The NFT of Imagine, including Julian singing the song, his narration, and some additional materials will be up for sale for eleven days starting Friday, June 20, 2022. The price is only $11. That’s barely the price of lunch at Chipotle. We’re trading the price of burritos to fight bombs here. That’s the power of this new world. Evil has no place to hide in a world where everyone owns a light and a magnifying glass.

Think about this: Julian using nothing more than the power of music and the talent which flows through his bloodline is about to share a classic musical moment from history with everyone who has $11 to help Ukraine. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that movement?

The NFT sale is being handled by YellowHeart, the fast growing Web3 company helmed by Josh Katz. YellowHeart is all about ticketing, NFTs and building the infrastructure to accommodate what the metaverse will become.

YhNFT Marketplace

Katz and his team are in the midst of hockey stick growth, as this corner of technology is replacing how things once were with what they should be. In a sense, Web3 is as transformative as the printing press once was. It’s the infrastructure to create, custody and distribute ownership, access and information. There will be a lot of pain at companies which ignore how things are changing and they are changing fast.

As for Julian, he continues to be an advocate for making the world better, something he pursues with his art, his photography and through The White Feather Foundation which is where he continues to devote time and money in support of worthy causes.

Today’s conversation with Julian was, as always, interesting. Julian has an easy sense of himself, and where he fits in this world. I always enjoy our conversations. Links to the talk in both video and audio podcast format are below:

It seems that Julian’s use of his father’s song is appropriate in this context. The performance is beautiful, and the mission is appropriate. If John were able to comment, there is no question he would be proud of his son and the way he held back this piece until it had a purpose which rose to the historical significance of the piece.

History is funny. There’s always something to learn in the future from what took place in the past. Imagine if only we didn’t have to learn these same lessons about good and evil over and over. As a species, if this was so, then all we’d have to think about would be Love Me Do. But, that is an entirely different story.

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